Stop Wasting Time Searching For Ideal Trade Setups

Let the Profit Scanner Find High Probability and Profitable Trade Setups For You

Get high probability trade setups that work on any timeframe and with all Stocks, ETF's, Forex and Options

What is the Profit Scanner?
The Profit Scanner scans 8,000+ stocks, ETF's and Forex, and sends alerts for high probability and good value trade setups.

How good are these high probability trade setups?

As an example, over a 11-week period on just the 15 min timeframe, with close to 2,500 trade setups, the Profit Scanner had a success rate of just over 74%...

...and even better, the winning trade setups were on average much more profitable than the losses were on the losing trade setups.

How Can the Profit Scanner Be Traded?
You can trade the Profit Scanner trade setups how you like, depending on your trading style, risk comfort factor, position size and overall trading personality.

The Profit Scanner works on any timeframe, so it's ideal for scalpers, intraday traders and swing traders.

The Profit Scanner works with all stocks, ETF's, Gold, Forex, Crypto and Options.  As long as it can be charted, the Profit Scanner can look for high probability trade setups.

The Profit Scanner Makes Trading Simple
There is no need to spend time creating watchlists and preparing for the Market Open.  There is no need for a chart full of indicators, trend lines, support and resistance lines, etc.  Although you can trade Profit Scanner setups with indicators if you choose, many group members trade with mostly clean charts because the Profit Scanner keeps things simple by providing trade setups with a high probability of success.

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Matt Rajewski

Crypto Expert

I was blown away when I first saw the Profit Scanner

Over the years I've heard all kind of claims of profitable trading strategies, methods, indicators, scanners, etc.  Some of them work but most don't.  So I was a little apprehensive when I first saw the Profit Scanner.  But my apprehension disappeared very quickly when I started seeing the results.  It blows my mind and is by far and away better than any other scanner I have ever seen.

Benefits of Trading With the Profit Scanner
Receive alerts in real time of high probability trade setups so you can then optimize your trades and maximize your profits.

No need to spend valuable time compiling watchlists or searching for potential trade setups.  The Profit Scanner will provide alerts for quality, high probability trade setups without the noise and distraction of alerts for poor trade setups.

What do the Profit Scanner Trade Setups Look Like?
Here are some examples of trade setups flagged by the Profit Scanner.

How Can I Get The Profit Scanner?

The Profit Scanner Community
The only way to access the Profit Scanner is to join the Profit Scanner community.  Here we post the Profit Scanner alerts in real time and have various chat rooms where traders can talk about trades, give and ask for help, discuss and share trade setups, etc.

Join the Profit Scanner community and be part of the members chat group, talk with other traders, get all alerts in real time, see real trades from members... and yes it's all free.