A Glimpse Into the Future

We will never stand still. My goal is to provide our members the best tools possible to help make trading simple and successful. Here is what we are working on, both long term and short term.

To start with we will add more watchlists for the alerts. Maybe, a watchlist for sectors, indices, energy companies, tech stocks, penny stocks, etc. You let us know what you want and we will provide it.

Alerts will be in list form and dynamic so the lists will automatically change as new alerts are added.

One exciting thing we have planned is to turn the alerts into auto trading bots that can fully, 100% automatically enter trades for you, or semi automatic where you can manually choose to enter the trades. There will be various auto trading bots for different strategies, timeframes, watchlists, etc.

We will add more proven strategies including Forex strategies and Crypto.

Please let me know if you have any ideas, for scanners, watchlists, strategies, or anyway you think we can improve

Watch this space.

Mike Saif